Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hu brother teach you more than N conservation

 Conservation is a thinking person can have the emotional debate to listen; can clearly observe the nuanced debate, to gentle conversation. Is a persuasive guide, elegant expression of humor, a sense of heaven and earth to call.

's rooted in the wisdom of conservation among the decomposition of knowledge without wisdom there is no conservation of the source, so one day thinking if we can not learn from people wondering past and present changes is difficult to get real conservation of . Culture is a combination of deep thought. Only people in the face of considerable education have greater intellectual potential may be excited to become more conservation.

conservation is not equal to knowledge, but knowledge and knowledge of conservation there is a significant role in the formation of] people can only have their own intellectual knowledge into conservation /

no knowledge of conservation is not necessarily the person does not have the knowledge to their general knowledge of concrete, and there is no universal extract useful part of the largest. Usually a man who understood a lot of things will be easier to understand better the unfamiliar.

is a degree of conservation, no quantitative criteria. There are many aspects of conservation. Generally refers to aspects of a person's life, the cultivation of human pack , it is something more than natural concentrated expression of human nature of human society.

conservation is different from the life and world view / He primarily reflect the person's knowledge, skills and moral qualities,bailey UGG boots, and the number of overall level of politeness etiquette

cloak of conservation is the people. clothing, conversation, and style, is the cultural level of the inner core. Communication skills, thinking skills, comprehension,UGG boots clearance, etc.

. For the outside we can say that a person bred together, but it is the uncertainty

is disguised behind a person may be a person not really conservation. Such as clothing, plastic models as well ,UGG boots cheap,,,,,

also implicit conservation of / is that he has a good inherent in the general form of outer

casually say that a person can not decide the extent of a cultural way of thinking and thinking / reflection method. He was able to make one to see more things and conservation aspects of thinking of things, regardless of how that level to a certain extent cultural conservation, and acquired the etiquette courtesy / conversation style, communication skills are life skills approach to determine a person involved conservation within, coupled with the external reference is just a complete conservation,cheap UGG boots,

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