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Nothing to come back to this story

Pigs get rich through hard work there are 5 dollars to open banks in rats . Pigs going to do with the 5 dollars to build a nest , a large cap to spend 2 yuan of land sales, to spend three yuan nest . Tortoise is to carry out the project , he wanted to earn more money pigs , then sent for when the investment adviser to find ways the fox , the fox said: This is easy to handle. So the site sent for wolf control , open banks together to discuss the rats , the results from the rat bastard borrowed 200 yuan, 100 yuan sold with the wolf 's place, spent three yuan to cover the nest , spent 50 yuan to The fox consulting services , pigs do not , the bastard had to find the nest to sell it, bastard asking price 500 yuan, Lao Zhu said that only 5 yuan can not afford at this time to persuade Fox to borrow money pig movement of mice , rats agreed to by 500 pigs , Provided him with interest also 600, can be repaid over 10 years , and property titles brought security. Results deal. Pigs spent 600 yuan to buy the last pig nest higher than his original plan for 11 times , pigs to earn money to repay a decade . In this transaction there , wolves , mice , foxes have made ​​money there bastard . After they do the same . Loan to buy more pigs to the house , this time, when the donkey saw businessmen take advantage of , to the sorts of rats where the money loans to buy houses covered bastard down, and then sold at higher prices Pigs. Pig getting longer repayment period , food is getting worse , pig bastard did not dare to birth . As fewer and fewer number of pigs , the wolf that he did not go on like this to eat pork , not starve to death is not , began to control, prevent mice and then borrow . But the tortoise has not stopped building houses , to their own money and credit into production all the money . Ass hands hoarding a lot of the nest , no longer marketable will be caught . Results , mice , tortoise , and have earned a lot of ass pig nest. Money into the hands of the final focus to the wolf . Today, no one waiting for the wolf out of the money to help. You the wise, if you are the wolf , which you will save money ?

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Like you feel happy , and it is painful

The late autumn season, the leaves blowing, a bit warm in the cold at our acquaintance in the virtual network. I added you, you said that you generally do not accept other requests, in addition to classmates and friends, little friends. In fact, I inadvertently added you. The text is simple, innocent and even the heart has set up this bridge, and thus met, rambling, knowing each other, you are happy, I am happy. Over time, waiting for you on the line every day life has become a formula. You say, accepted my request is lucky in this life! I said, nice to meet you in a big crowd!
whenever the network open this colorful, I count the one shiny head, if your picture is bleak, my heart also will be bleak. Both, or so, I still stand by the struggling ... ... when your head shining moment, my heart like meteors across the galaxy in the light of an arc! Many people said. Virtual network created a lot of beautiful lies, Internet users searching for happiness in a lie. But you've known for years and years, you are simple, sincere, serious, you have to make every word tell the truth, I just love to tell the truth seriously, we are in the vast sea of ​​the net return to the real sincere! One day, I drink dream life on the line, you're in the net sea shore, I sent a serious signal that you the other side of the sea in the network maintained a silence ... ...
in numerous dialogue, I feel you are so naive, cheerful, simple, sincere! So, I said, you childish too strong. I have always been the identity of Big Brother, condescending dialogue with you. In the continuous exchange of dialogue, questioning you, my answer, my question, your reply is so understanding and memorable! I ask, have you seen my article yet? You say, you put your heart feelings, people yearn for a better mountains, but also revealed a touch of melancholy, and my depression! I was stunned! I do not believe in a big crowd, there are people who can read my mind? I do not believe that simple, innocent words can move the heart of a stranger? I do not believe in life Treks, there are ordinary people can sentiment lonely, desolate feeling? And the resonance of a secret admiration as many times as the tide toward the beach ... ...
subtle longing, rain, the care, like a I look at the point of trembling.
when I calm down, I was in the aftertaste, sentiment that ordinary language is the language that created a real you! Thoughts into a faint, long worried about. Every day, I think of you, think you goes simple, cheerful, bright face, can walk down from the Internet, close to me ... ... like you are in reality and the Internet just like you! We look at the clouds similar, when I looked up into the clouds, you are not also looking for that piece of cloud? When I saw the full moon, you are not in the dream is also looking at the screen in front of me? When I saw the waxing, I think you must be tired, but still remained mouth smile! When I saw the waning moon, you are not moving are quietly watching me, passionately devoted to think I am? When I saw that when the stars shine the vast Milky Way, is not that we speak the words and laughter planted it?
think you are happy, happy! Is painful! I think you can only give you a moment of happiness, do not give you eternal happiness; you think I can only give me power, do not let me have; I want you, want you to be more happy! Since your heart is not calm; you want me, want me out of a life in the desert! May be worried about will make you sleep in the dark again; we agreed to return to peace, in their path to run, do not seek out live tracks, just to keep this wonderful feeling forever!
I am determined to keep this wonderful! Collection in his heart, let the day know to know, you and me. Never forget you, but I can not do ... ...
one day I decided to start from tomorrow, no longer think you can calm down each time, and my heart is empty, as if something is missing like. Had to miss you! That know, do not want you feel like you feel more than memorable!
to you, the sun is shining, the moon and stars are the spirit! Miss you the moment, willow is a smile, Hill is excited! To your day, the sky is high, land is wide, the grass is happy, the flowers also faces the prospect of it! Think your season is also the warm the cold, snow and rain the day, but also evocative! To your years, the sun is shining brightly, the four seasons are warm; even the wind moved the lead of all things dance ... ...
think about you, everything is good!
you say, miss a person in this process, you have been in the silent blessing me! I said, think you are happy, happy, and it is painful! You should have telepathy!
I think you can sentiment my heart!

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Zhou Xiaochuan, the

hot money coming in, Zhou Xiaochuan, the
- Fed quantitative easing, China, in the end should be supposed
First, the Fed's 600 billion quantitative easing program
Now, the Fed also started its own $ 600,000,000,000 quantitative easing plan. Whether Obama, Bernanke to justify one of its negative nature of the role is not cover, and that is pushing up global commodity prices, triggering a global spread of inflation and liquidity flows.
the U.S. economic recovery does not need to inject new liquidity in its financial institutions have ample of this kind of thing. What should the Fed out of its quantitative easing liquidity-oriented where it, that was a crucial issues. Flock to where this liquidity, asset bubbles where more can be spawned out, where the national wealth can be such an influx of liquidity and flight swept away. Fed through its quantitative easing of money continue to create global spread of inflation and liquidity, but was engulfed by the people of other countries is a hard-earned money and the sweat of labor out of product. Its essence is to use a form of hidden inflation tax to robbery, the levy of the wealth of the world's people, with their own
Because of this, whether its European allies, or the BRIC emerging markets, all of Barack Obama, Bernanke's such a shameless act of robbery, concealed, to convey their anger and complaints. China's monetary elite of the Federal Reserve in this world of quantitative easing program of vocal opposition, also appears to show his rare courage to finally say to the Fed's irresponsible actions speak loudly. For example, Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao to severely condemn the exception, proliferation and the dollar depreciation, damage to the healthy development of world economy.
II, Zhou Xiaochuan, the pool of hot money can circle around the outside of it?
think the Fed will listen to you people that the Chinese Vice Finance Minister of this advice? The face of this hot money coming soon, the Chinese in the end should we supposed to do? Let us listen to the Chinese monetary authorities to Mr Zhou Xiaochuan of the opinions it.
any case, the Fed out of quantitative easing so much hot money, the main finger of blame is in front of us. Is the intercept or the construction of the wall to open the door to accept it? It seems some of China's currency has long been well-thought of the elite. to the real economy in the whole of China. and so it needs to retreat, to let it go from the pool. This can reduce the abnormal capital flows on the Chinese economy. circle of hot money in China to use the pool, said hot lead, referred to as the preferred stock
We know that hot money influx regardless of where it is only one fundamental purpose, that is, without a substantial investment, but only through their own capital markets, the price manipulation and speculation, to make more money. It sets people of the country is taking hard-earned money flowing, but regardless of which life and death to the mess that left them devastated.
for this speculative hot money, the most correct attitude is to be avoided to avoid, to oust the to dispossess, to interception to intercept, and never since the open door, and put it to cash in , rob people of their own sweat and blood here, and national wealth.
as China's monetary authorities, Zhou Xiaochuan, the mind and the bearing is really rare ah! Welcome to Wikipedia, tolerance is a big thing! Even the Fed's only specialized quantitative easing out of cash in, looting the wealth of other peoples sweat and the hot money Fearless ignorance, or cupboard? So inexplicable ah!
Open the door drive Tiger Balm, taking people's hard-earned money, this is probably Zhou
This When it wants to withdraw, then from its own pool put out. the beck and call and arrange it? You do not want it, fled to Zhou Xiaochuan, China's real economy to go, it does not flee in? Zhou Xiaochuan, you want to own the original release the amount of days out of the credit have to enter into China's manufacturing industry, boosting China's rapid economic recovery, however, have chosen to lose control of it to go to the asset bubble growing stock and property markets to go Arbitrage for their own hype. RMB is not even how to follow your beck and call the head of the Chinese currency, not to mention those outside the hot money too! This idea a little too naive.
let us continue to look at the Zhou Xiaochuan, the
Some people panic at the bottom of the current rice price of rape and other meat room full of anger and complaints soaring, but it can not build pools in China's real estate or agricultural products on the market. Which are directly related to China's current people's livelihood, sparked public outrage can fix more grievances can detonate them, and continue to endanger the maintenance of stability to the entire community. How to do it? Mr Zhou Xiaochuan we thought of his own stock market. Him some of the think tank incites Road; ! Zhou and other think tanks are finally very innovative for the hot money of these speculative arbitrage find a safe place. The stock market with their own
stock market is doing, one of his basic role is to develop for those listed companies to raise funds and short-term funding needs. Listed companies for their stock before the distribution of investment dividends, people are playing the stock market is a zero-sum game in reality. It eliminate the profit and loss is always offset each other on, and some people must be another part of the money people lose out. No matter how high the stock market's price-earnings ratio, market value of its currency are in fact a virtual illusion. It is through the main stock index funds and institutional changes in the price manipulation, while you make a lot of money, while letting you lose the cleaners; the flight of speculative hot money, or loss flesh, or hedged positions. The hot money is keen to this place, because here it is easy through their self-hype and price manipulation, and pockets of other people's money Qian Kun Da Nuo camel stuffed into their own purse. Zhou Xiaochuan, China's stock markets prepared to accept this pool and captive offshore influx of hot money, which is essentially open the door welcoming Pirates. Because the withdrawal of hot money every hard-earned money will be swept into a lot of Chinese people into their purse. Buffett is a living example.
more terrible than this do not listen to these hot money Zhou Xiaochuan of the beck and call, and went to the bulk of China's property market and the trading of agricultural products, through their own price-fixing and hoarding of goods, pushing up prices here, toss people's livelihood here. Recently, the Chinese property market volume and price go, CPI data and the constant ascribed the sharp rise in food prices, many are secretly hoarding and manipulation of this hot money out. What you are ruthless garlic, ginger you military, sugar Emperor, this is the hot money flows to the market through their acquisition of hoarding and price manipulation to engage out. Skyrocketing prices of these products on the market supply and demand are not the result of spontaneous, but in reality is the hot money hoarding and price gouging by the market out of a freak out. The price of these manipulative, driven, and other products to ensure that the relative returns from their type of rush to follow suit or ride prices up. Demand-pull and cost-push factors are intertwined together, and China's CPI data and the daily life of residents have repeatedly pushed the cost of their new high. If the grievances consequent toss out the entire society will no longer continue to safeguard stability of the good.
So, whether stock or property or the shortage of agricultural trade, are not able to put this speculative hot money to. A put, we can be a lot of people's hard-earned money to cover a lot of walking, and prices can be pushed further and people's livelihood may be more difficult, grievances may be more boiling.
question now is, the influx of hot money will definitely not listen to Zhou Xiaochuan, the beck and call, but honestly are kept in his pool does not come out. Because these speculative hot money found themselves according to their own experience and bulk of agricultural products went to the property market transaction price manipulation, hoarding drive up, too, can make more money. Setting with Zhou Xiaochuan, the
Third, we should not
for this hot money coming in, we should not imagine it with Zhou Xiaochuan, the pond accepted and captive up, and should actively build their own variety of defense, prevent the death block, since the open door and must not put put them in, the birth of the asset bubble here, pushing the price level here, increasing inflation here, taking of blood and sweat of our people here.
Now, the central bank has already made money over here we do a comprehensive price soared. If then the outside into the hot money without hindrance, the central bank's passive money they have made a lot of super out of the RMB will be more scared then, prices will soar even more, the people's livelihood will be more difficult.
how to do it? The author believes that the important think tanks in the early Ming emperor Zhu Sheng proposals put forward by the famous - the
These external hot money to enter, the currency would be less passive ultra-fat, hairy yuan will be lighter, soaring prices will slow some. Of course, used in building walls is no longer the emperor era brick stones, while actually refer to some basket of currencies, financial policy. The basic approach of building walls: First of all to invest in China must be reported in detail the use of their investment, field, period, the contract must be invested in accordance with China's real economy; any breach of contract, the use of large liquidated damages or cancellation of accreditation of its investment in China be punished. The second is to tighten or compress the financial, futures, insurance and other markets to the outside world, and strictly control foreign ownership of strategic investment management. Third, foreign financing of domestic enterprises to strengthen the management of behavior and close to prevent the channels through which foreign hot money smuggled into China itself. Fourth, to strengthen the daily business of supervision of the money goes, is strictly prohibited to all manufacturing capital stock or property for violation of various arbitrage own hype. Fifth, foreign investment accounted for RMB additional quota shall control, be suspended beyond the part of the quota exchange. Sixth, foreign trade or exports, reduce the U.S. dollar and other assets of the reserves, increase oil, iron ore and other strategic resources and long-term spot exchange reserves. Seventh, those flows in the Chinese stock market or property market abnormal flows of hot money capital levy tax; its evacuation or flight of the quota management, a day to accept it with a quantitative conversion of RMB and let it come easy, go harder. Eighth, the strengthening of civil funding bank or banks and flow underground movement of the control, such as the illegal introduction of foreign hot money, places a huge fine or revoke the business license, and even the confiscation of all assets of the punishment.
through this wall, caused by the influx of hot money of RMB passive ultra-fat, it will dramatically dropped down, then China's inflation will be cut off a source.
wide grain is related to the national economy and those things, such as essential for people's daily lives off the meat, rice and other agricultural products of rape, the use of a wide range of state-owned capital to collect it, reserve it. Food is Well. These things must be collected strategic reserve in our treasury by the state in accordance with market demand and prices acceptable to residents of the controlled running out. For a variety of agricultural products from farmers, we open the door to the treasury to acquire, must not allow that individual to make money for their own interests or the dismal foreign profiteers rush to buy it, hoarding it, driving up prices here, toss us the people's livelihood. For the soybean industry chain fell across the board, our state capital to conduct an aggressive acquisition. Something about people's livelihood must be controlled by us. Now, there are a lot of foreign investment went to our high income pay some provinces, the heart against the law ah! If we are here, the food they buy at high prices, hoarding them, once they have a bad dog, here we will be manipulating prices and people's livelihood in their hands. Through the promotion of cost and price manipulation, they want to push us how high prices could push tall. Such a loss of pricing of agricultural products, and we here can only be trampled upon the people's livelihood. Therefore, the chaos as the grain is most important. With this life as long as the food, nothing to fear.
In short, for this outside of the hot money, according to Zhou Xiaochuan, the In other words, Zhou Xiaochuan, the At the same time, we must build walls to stop the influx of them, they still have wide grain, just the right to live their own Vital. This is a disorder in the country, holding stability of the country, the country and people of the country.
2010 年 11 月 12 日 first draft of On the Road den Huxian Da
Note: In order to facilitate the reader understand the point of view article is hereby 15 only to see the author of an article reprinted over, for reference.
China launched targeting fourth U.S. currency war
- 40 years to have
first hit the OPEC
Cho said, the 1971 years ago, the U.S. dollar this As the U.S. dollar was pegged to gold, the United States to release the number of dollars, depending on how much gold it has, it is not random distribution. 1971 United States refused to exchange the gold to other countries, Thus, the United States launched on the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in the first currency war, U.S. and India to open, let it fall. Measure the dollar value of the dollar exchange rate index from 1971 to about 110 points, down to 1974, more than 90 points. Period of about 2 U.S. dollars a barrel, oil prices rose from 15 dollars, but because of depreciation of the dollar, 15 dollars can buy gold and $ 2 before the gold can buy almost the same. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar, the global economy in the 1971-1980 inflation, including OPEC members, including more than a dozen other economies have been hit.
second foaming in Japan
1980 before and after the rise of the Japanese economy and a threat to the United States. Thus, the United States launched a second currency war, from 1980 onwards forced appreciation of the yen, and in 1985 forced Japan to sign the Since then, the Japanese yen from 1 U.S. dollar of about 240 yen appreciation all the way to 1 U.S. dollar in early 1989 more than 80 U.S. dollars. The rapid depreciation of the dollar, huge dollar inflows to Japan, on the one hand the benefits of earning the appreciation of the yen, on the other hand absorb a large amount of real estate and stocks, the results from 1987 to 1989 of Japanese stock prices soared, triggering a huge asset bubble. However, since 1990, due to large capital flight of U.S. dollar, the Japanese asset bubble began to burst. Japanese people from 1945 to 1990 worked hard to earn, gave people take it, this is the currency of war.
... ...
fourth set its sight on China
Cho chao dollar is falling ... ... the other economies hit hard by the trust on the dollar, if the U.S. will inevitably affect the continuation of So now targeting the United States in China to revalue its currency. He pointed out that, looking back nearly 40 years the dollar index, volatility in the back of each, are U.S. dollars of foreign capital to the process of making money. (From

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Ying Xia , 5 wash doubts must know !

wash my face, for the summer for the Pentium shiny Great face the problem:

one full foaming cleansing products, cleansing is the best way?
basic right! In order to achieve effective cleaning effect, foaming effect of type of cleansing products is more excellent, because this type of cleansing foam product is produced through the active role of the interface will be combined into the water and air bubbles, bubble surface Clean grease and then to take away the tension, so the more bubbles, the more detailed, more in contact with the skin and the pores of each site, with a good cleaning effect. Therefore, the use of foaming cleaning products, it is recommended to fully play the bubble, will be able to complete the cleansing step multiplier.
reminder, wash pots and pans are not washed, stained with black grease than repair the hand of the master, our skin will not go there dirty, so some people like the face wash in the summer is very astringent very clean, in fact, is not needed, in particular the role of the majority of a foaming cleansing product is not the problem of not enough clean, but it should be emphasized in the selection of a moderate, non-irritating skin cleansing products is a major consideration.
However, some cleansing mud, cleansing lotion, the cleansing effect of the use of kaolin or bentonite grease the physical principle of suction, or the use of clean fusion of the role of surfactant emulsion will be oil and water integration removal, therefore, these products also have cleansing effect, not to use products with a sparkling effect.

Second, non-soap formula will be better?
fact, not necessarily! The traditional process of making soap is made of oil saponification with alkali, therefore, most showed alkaline; and soap free cleaning products, most of the use of foaming surfactant-based, most of these surfactants neutral to weak acid present.
because the skin belongs to the original environment of weak acid, neutral and weak acid partial cleansing formula, basically the more able to maintain the integrity of the skin sebum film, the use appears to be mild.
However, now many look for the block of soap products, not necessarily with saponification formula, proposed in the selection of cleansing products, you can add more components to consider, for example: you can choose mild cleansing composition of amino acids series of surfactants, or add a soothing, moisturizing ingredients, reduce irritation when cleaning, as much as possible and no artificial flavors, no preservatives added a safety concern.

three, known as the whitening, anti-aging or moisturizing products such as cleansing effect, in the end there is not effective?
cleansing products in the face after all the time is very short stay, to make functional ingredients penetrate the skin layer, in a word: Do not clean the skin care product features have high expectations!
following role for a variety of skin cleansing products, for the functional analysis:
1. whitening type of cleansing products:
add acid, or physical exfoliating particles, can really help the metabolism of excess skin, helping to remove the melanin in the skin, in theory, can wash out fair skin.
Adding antioxidants : cleaning products can be irritating to a minimum, therefore, does not stimulate 』『 skin from the point of view, at least for the easy vulnerability of inflammation of the skin caused by melanin in terms of proliferation, to prevent a passive darkening effect.
2. Anti-aging Cleansing Product Type: Add anti-wrinkle ingredients of cleaning products, totally makes sense, because these ingredients and can not absorb 』『 skin, resulting in anti-wrinkle effect; however, have antioxidant, anti-stimulus cleansing products, is not completely non-functional, after all, face a daily routine of work, the use of poor cleansing products (irritating high, too dry), really easy to make the skin inflammation caused by free radicals and the generation probability Therefore, this type of cleansing products, virtually avoided the more inappropriate because the flesh wash to wash the older.
3. moisturizing cleansing products: glycerin, betaine and other moisturizing ingredients with water features, or the amino acid-based cleaning composition, itself has a moisturizing effect, so there will be a good slide washed skin Shun moisturizing effect. This is because the moisturizing ingredients will be appropriate to retain moisture, however, does not mean no maintenance after washing, and recommendations or to rub on the cream with the lock water features, or, as the air and the water will still volatile .

four, no make-up remover, cleansing products, and more using clean several times, have the same effect?
unless the demands of this product with the remover cleansing function, otherwise, the general foaming cleansing products, makeup effects are poor, especially for waterproof make-up, such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, even if wash more several are still not fully removed, it was suggested to use a dedicated makeup products, so as to avoid makeup clogging pores, causing skin burden.

five daily must-four
1. cleansing product Instead, the oil causes the skin compensatory form a dry and oily skin types.
2. , it will lead to skin is too dry, the same summer, but recommended to wash your face with warm water wash, better equipped to help clean oil, then poured cold water after washing to help pores convergence.
3. face face, especially in water scarce regions, so that in fact more environmentally friendly way to wash your face.
4. Do not use stimulation of the skin, causing skin allergies, so the poor water quality areas, should be installed in the tap water filter to reduce adverse water quality of the skin irritation.

Plus: 2010 trends, the latest cleansing, it is early adopters try it!
press bottle of bubbles that the bubble: It is the best face-saving environmental protection options, not only saves time, blistering, but also reduce the amount of flushing.
multi-effect one:
1. combination of physical exfoliating particles, once reaching the maintenance of cleansing and exfoliating.
2. Add water-based polyols, to makeup, wash your face at one time effect.
with wash equipment or props: the cleansing of various materials such as sponges, such as silk and other materials, while deep cleansing, skin care side effects as well.

Pingjiang specialty !

! ! Pingjiang dialect called Always fill the fields of small to find it when picking the food, red Jingjing, off to have time to go out into the mouth and he kept plug, pro-pro-sweet sweet. Not eat boiled over and then come back to pick salt or sugar and salt look and is good to eat. -
see a few pictures today, when the special pleasure -
Oh, as compared to ball like a
sipping this season is the time to read the child to spend Baba, small as long as the free time, my mother is willing to promise the trouble, we will collapse adopted a basket full of the ridge, past men working. After that they choose and washing, taking care of clean water in the boiling water in the mud about, and then and point to push into the rice flour glutinous rice, make a study of a child to spend Baba, click on the fire on the steam can open eat yangkeng a, fragrant and soft, sweet, slippery, how are sipping slightly. Ha ha -
used to playing fields (title hopscotch). But the staff was a ah. The following is the LIA black children look old, it can be smashed into the water rinse, and then by some programs, inflicted LIA sub tofu can be delicious, you can also put the dried bean curd, noisy meat, wow that delicious they are! Really did not have to say! -

**** persimmon, wild, and called Sargassum. Taken home three to five days in the rice container placed inside the raw taste of unripe will fade, become sweet. Do not know why a child did not like persimmons,'d like this stuff now, is said to be under fire ............................ ............. -

this is called in -

**** gardenia, pure distressed people. Dried can be used to cook, it should be good on the body. -
mountain climbing most of gardenia fruit can do medicine, we generally adopt a stem where the honey drink, pro sweet -
still a lot of things, and tastes fine, like the mulberry, what dialect called Suanpan Zhu's, down the valve is so -
This is a variety in the ground as fertilizer plants, Shaodong, then called Spring infinite, if the body in the house at this time will be able to go there full of seed fields RAO go, choose a sunny afternoon breeze Xu Xu Ye Hao, Ye Hao evening and lie down and do nothing, what do not want, to hear the wind sound. -
**** a child, always in the students after school and small RAO ​​to this long picking a lot of seeds in seed lots of RAO flowers, strung together a bunch, make a big wreath. -
those flowers, those beautiful innocent ................... -
**** See, this one style yellow of the rape, had not seen for many years, and I miss that piece of warm yellow color. -